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Cockapoo Webinar

Cockapoo Webinar

Cockapoo Sunday School Webinar

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I, Verity Hardcastle, am a Master Groomer, National and international grooming competition winner at Championshop level, now competition judge, exhibitor of dogs at Champ level, dog trainer and handler, with nearly a decade and a half of working experience.

I’m so delighted to bring you this webinar, it’s been 2 years since my last Cockapoo webinar and I think it’s time for a refresher 🙌

This stunning combination coat Cockapoo will be our super model and I’ll be grooming her in a clipped and scissored Cockapoo trim.

She has that type of combination coat, a mix of woolly, silky and wavy hair that we see everyday as groomers- not a poodle coat, but a truer Cockapoo coat.

I’ll Include clipping lengths, scissoring techniques, comb attachment uses, product over views, anatomy and shape discussions, top hacks and speed tricks for every day salon trimming as well as tricks to evaluate your grooming finish.

Q&A available throughout and I love audience participation 💕 if you missed the live you can still ask questions on the group and I’ll answer them.

Re watch available on this private Facebook group when ever you like.

So whether you are cooking your dinner, trying to catch up on that dreaded paper work or relaxing, come and join me from the comfort of your home.

Once signed up

I’ll then add you to the private Facebook group where the recording will commence.

Be sure to include in the notes upon booking your Facebook email address to send the link to.

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